VIP Pacific Tours From U.S.

Catering to people who want to tour the Pacific Islands in a luxurious private aircraft without going through the hassle of immigration and airport queues.

Tourists will enjoy a tour of three days per island, totaling two weeks.

Transportation aircraft will be available at all times.

Tours originating from Las Vegas / Los Angeles with stops in Honolulu, Christmas Island, Canton, Tahiti, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tarawa, Guam, and back to the U.S.

Historic WWII Tour

Pacific Islands served as fueling stations for the allied aircrafts and other vehicles during World War II operations. There were famous battles also fought in these islands. As a result there are numerous war relics lying in these waters.

WWII Veterans and their families interested in visiting these remote historic islands now have the opportunity to do so in style and avoid unnecessary round-about commercial travel.

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