Future Freight Services

We are looking to acquire a Boeing 737 and possibly a Falcon 20 for transportation in and out of Kiribati to Fiji, Guam, and Hawaii. This will enable transportation of passengers and freight that is much needed at this time. Presently there is limited access to The Pacific Islands provided by few airlines with limited and infrequent services.

737-300 Full-Freighter

The 300F offers nine pallet positions including eight full-size container or pallets and one smaller container or pallet. The full-featured cargo handling system includes retractable sill plate and over-rideable side restraints, all engineered to withstand the loading and unloading stress of the 737-300′s 43,100-pound maximum payload.

737-300 Combi

A two or three ULD forward cargo area for full-size containers or pallets with a 24,000 lb. payload, including capacity for a CFM56 engine and fixed seating for 66 passengers, distinguish the versatile, multi-purpose mission capability of the 300 Combi.

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